• Born on September 12, 1928

  • Bio

    Robert Casper was born in NYC Sept. 12,1928. His passion in life is art, more specifically painting. He had the advantage of coming of age during the Second World War when many great European artists lived in NYC or its environs, notably Mondrian, Leger, Chagall, Jaques Lishitz and Max Earnst. Their presence created an ambiance favorable to the study of a more worldly art. His most influential teachers were Cameron Booth at Queens College and the Art Student's League and Hans Hofmann at his school on 8th Street and Provincetown, Mass.

    What interested him most were problems of form and structure which have dominated his thoughts throughout his career. Unfortunately, life plays some strange tricks and by the 1950's most School of Paris painters were elderly or had died. What replaced them was a new group of painters who were no longer interested in problems of form and space but rather in innovation. To be different was their highest ideal and resulted in what we now call Contemporary Art. This is the dominant force
    in the art world today, sadly.

    It is the contention of this artist, Robert Casper, that we are presently in a period similar to Europe in the 19th century when the Beaux Arts prevailed. Where as, the leading figure in the Contemporary Art scene, Jackson Pollack, completes a large painting in one afternoon that is the size of "Guernica" by Picasso which took two or three months to complete, then something is wrong. Obviously, Picasso, the most prolific artist of the 20th century, was dealing with issues that Pollack was not.

    Robert Casper Passed on November 29, 2012 in Flushing, New York.

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