claudia hershman


“I am attracted to the freedom in children’s art and seek to capture that spontaneity and joy. Experimentation and a love of color, shape, and pattern are the focus of my process.

My prints and paintings evolve without preconception. When a piece begins to have it’s own life, a dialog between us emerges. 

I add marks or collage with color or pencil, and then react to the marks, colors, drips, and accidents, even working with my fingers, to move further into the piece. When all comes together, the piece is finally is finished. Making art, for me, is not about intent, but about the experience itself. " - Claudia Hershman

Art has been a part of Claudia Hershman’s world since she was a child.

Born in Detroit, she graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in Design and majors in painting and ceramics.  She taught art in elementary school, and worked with polymer clay, making jewelry, before it became a popular material.  Her pins and earrings were the small canvases that foreshadowed her current abstract paintings. She spent several years making functional ceramics and exploring alternative methods in printmaking. Excited by the freedom in children’s art, experimentation with materials, a love of color, shape and pattern, are common themes and a driving force in her work. Her goal is to have the viewer enjoy the varied details and whimsy in her work and form their own interpretation of it. Claudia’s mixed media paintings are part of Henry Ford Hospital’s collection, owned by Molina Health Care, The Woman Center at Oakland Community College, Strathmore Apartments and in private collections.

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