Greg White, a well-known Detroit artist, has been painting for over 40 years. He works in oils on canvas and wood, and has developed unique painting techniques and finishes that involve multiple layering of subtle textures and colors. His paintings reflect a wide range of styles that can be attributed to artistic influences of Rouault, Chagall, Blake and Inness, among others. Philosophically, the Gospels, Thomas Merton, Zen writers, the Taoist Chung Tzu and Carl Jung inspire him. His approach to his canvas` is founded on the belief that symbols in art evoke a communion and unification of our outward and inward selves.

Greg is also an accomplished muralist, and his work can be found in homes throughout the metropolitan Detroit area as well as out of state. The themes of his murals are expansive and appeal to the individual interests and tastes of the homeowner while astutely considering the context. In this medium, he has replicated Roman and Italian frescoes and Polynesian art, as well as period and culturally influenced themes. Nature and landscapes are a specialty.

Greg’s mural work is decorative and inspirational but always sensitive to the existing environment. And, as an accomplished alchemist, he blends unique colors and glazes to achieve a distinctive, lasting and rich depiction of any subject he portrays.